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Womb & Hara Awakening Intensive Retreat

& Facilitator Training

On the magical Island of Tenerife (Spain)

August 29 - September 7 , 2019

facilitated by Ulrike Remlein & Alexandra Lehmann

(Womb Awakening Mentors, Facilitators & certified Teacher Trainers)


Are you called to enter the Temple of the Feminine Arts?


We invite you to join us for this Womb Awakening Intensive Retreat in the luscious feminine surrounds of Tenerife (Canary Islands), for an intensive feminine soul awakening & enchanted journey into the magical feminine arts of healing and womb-centered embodiment.


Our time together will be deeply experiential, giving you a living imprint of a feminine way of being – accompanied by sacred womb practices, sound healing, dance, ceremony, shadow alchemy, breathwork and transformational explorations to awaken and activate your Shakti.


There is also the possibility for an optional pilgrimage to connect to the Spirit of the Land and to honor and play with the Dragon Element of Fire, visiting the volcano Teide - a sacred place to connect to and to awaken your natural Womb Power.




Enter a Modern Moon College for a grounded, experiential immersion into the ancient feminine mystery teachings of the Womb, combined with the latest alchemical keys for inner rebirth and various feminine embodiment practices. Learn about the Womb Mysteries and gain the sacred tools you need to create deep and sustained transformation, to walk the Path of Shakti.


For those who want to thrive in their Sacred Vocation supporting others on their Womb Awakening Healing Journey: We will share tools how to create and hold a safe sacred space and how to facilitate the practices for others.


Location: Set in the luscious feminine landscape of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands), where we will connect to the Spirit of the Land and the ancient Womb Priestess and Womb Shaman lineages, immersed in the Dragon Elements of Fire and Water. Tenerife is a beautiful volcanic island and older than Hawaii! This is a place to journey into one of the most profound Grail Chakras of Gaia and to connect deeply to the sacred feminine power that runs through the landscape of your own being.


Pilgrimage: We will have one day off for leisure. We can arrange a pilgrimage to the Teide (volcano) to hold a magical ritual and offer thanks and love and commune with the Spirit of the land (optional). Additional cost (to be paid cash on the day).





Studying with us gives you a grounded immersion into the ancient feminine mystery teachings of the Womb, combined with the latest alchemical keys for inner rebirth and many other feminine embodiment practices. You will learn about the Womb Mysteries and gain the sacred tools you need to create deep and sustained transformation in your life, to walk the Path of Shakti, and - if you choose so - to thrive in your Sacred Vocation as a Spirit Keeper of the Womb, offering a Magic Doorway to others on their healing journey.





Set in the luscious feminine landscape of Tenerife, our retreat facility "Jardin Mariposa" (Butterfly Garden) is a place for those who are open for a vital experience with themselves and with others, Here you can still hear the sounds of nature, making it an invitation for those who also want to discover their inner paradise. Just as a butterfly in its development of colour and beauty goes through different stages of evolution, here we see it as a symbol of our inner processes and the unfolding of our growth. In our inner journey this environment will give us not only essential impulses for an inspiring individual experience but also deep group experiences.



Since April 2003 the Butterfly Garden "Jardín Mariposa" has been extended with an extraordinary 4000 m² garden on an area of powerful earth energy, providing the basis for deep healing processes. This liberating and spacious area opens our senses and our hearts in a completely natural way and radiates a special depth and inspiration. Experience how it feels to be at one with our inner nature and our resources, free from restricting conditioning! This "Jardín de la Vida®" - "Garden of life®" is in harmony with nature and the special power of this place shows us through the topics of its different stations a completely personal way to our internal mastery.


This will be a time not only to activate your Shakti energy, but also to nourish and renew yourself in beautiful, supportive surroundings.


The Intensive Retreat will be offered in English and German.






This retreat is facilitated by Ulrike Remlein and Alexandra Lehmann, both dedicated Womb Priestesses and certified Womb Awakening Teacher Trainers. They have intensely trained with the Fountain of Life Womb Awakening Mystery School and immersed themselves in an in-depth shamanic training of Womb Awakening for more than 4 years. They are good friends and colleagues who co-create magical workshops and retreats together since 2011.


Ulrike is a Tantric Womb Priestess with fierce compassion and deep integrity. As a deeply committed Shamaness of Sacred Menstruation & Sacred Sexuality, she has heard Red Tara's call. She is passionate about creating safe womb-heart space for transitions, supporting you to birth your true Self in its unique expression. Sacred Relationship is her sacrament and her calling is to heal the 'Gate into the world' (the Yoni) and to initiate and support the Masculine on his way home. She is trained in Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Arts, as Natural Childbirth Educator, Doula, Red Tent Activator, Birth into Being Facilitator and Fountain of Life Teacher Trainer, and initiated as Moon Mother and Red Moon Priestess. She has intensely studied the secret feminine teachings of the Tree of Life and Womb Mysteries. From this place of deep wisdom she offers Energy Transmissions, Intuitive Soul Healing, Emotional Healing, Inner Maiden Healing Journeys, Incoming Soul Sessions and Womb (Hara) Healing & Clearing Sessions (via ZOOM) as well as in person Healing Circles, Red Tents, Grief Rituals, Womb Pulsing & Seiki & other Workshops and Womb Awakening Retreats. For more info visit her websites: (English) and (German).


Alexandra is a dedicated Womb Priestess, Soul Doula and Shamaness of New Earth, here to rebirth the Divine Feminine through love, pleasure and deepest compassion. With all her love and her fierce dragonheart she creates sacred space for people to rebirth into wholeness and reconnection with their primordial body wisdom into their true essence and the source of life. Her longing belongs to the healing of the split between the masculine and the feminine on earth. She supports women into the power of conscious conception and non-conception, ecstatic birth, happy mothering, sacred union and sexuality. Through womb wisdom and deep experience out of many years on her personal path of Womb Awakening and her expertise as a well trained naturapathic and bodywork therapist for more than 14 years, she serves as a Womb Awakening Mentor and Teacher Trainer, Birth into Being and Red Moon Facilitor and offers Womb Awakeing Retreats, Healing Circles, Red Tents and in person and skype sessions. For more information visit her website:


We offer Womb Awakening in the spiritual lineage of Womb Awakening, founded by Dr. Azra and Seren Bertrand of the Fountain of Life Mystery School).

Other teachers and mentors who inspired our work with their feminine teachings:  Chameli Ardagh (Awakening Women Institute, Feminine Leadership), DeAnna L'am (Red Moon School of Empowerment for Women & Girls), Deirdre Hade (Radiance Healing & Meditation, secret feminine teachings of the kabbalistic Tree of Life), Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (Birth into Being - Limbic Imprint Recoding), Miranda Gray (Spiritual teachings about the feminine cycle, Moon Mother Initiatrix), Shri Param Eswaran (Tantra Inner Shakti Yoga, Yoni Tantra, Sound Healing with Bija Mantras), Puja Diana Richardson (Deeper love for couples - Tantra Teacher), Phyllida Anam-Aire (Celtic Priestess, Conscious Dying Guide who worked with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross), Zola Dubnikova (Holistic Dance Language).






Your exchange for the Intensive Retreat:

 information will follow. The doors are not yet open!


* Please note: Your flight to Tenerife, transfer airport-venue vv, accomodation and meals are not included in the above exchange.


Deposit to secure your place (non-refundable):  tba   (to be paid to Alexandra & Ulrike)

The remainder is due by: tba


Refund & Cancellation Policy


Please click >> here << . Note that by paying your deposit you automatically agree with this policy.




We officially start in the evening of August 29th with dinner and an evening welcome session afterwards. Please arrive around 4pm to make sure you have already checked in and had a chance to get orientation.


The retreat ends on September 7th in the afternoon (around 4pm). Please be aware that saying good bye (and taking photos) will need some time as well ...



 Accomodation including full board


:: has to be booked via and paid to the retreat center directly. More information will be provided in time.



This retreat is open to women & men, singles & couples!


If you have any questions or feel the need to book a free 20 mins call with us,

please email us at info(at)




∇ We really look forward to journeying with you -


this will be an exciting adventure and in depth soul awakening!




Love and Grail Light Blessings,



Ulrike & Alexandra


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